parent tips

It’s parent-teacher conference time! For many parents, the pressure is on. Your child has been in school for a few months now. How are they stacking up? You’ve seen the insta-videos of proud moms sharing shots of kids reading fluently at age 5, winning the advanced spelling bee, or reading every sight word known to man. It’s tough not to feel a touch of anxiety as we take our seats in those tiny chairs and prepare to hear how our kids are progressing as readers (and friends, and citizens, etc. etc. etc.)

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Reading with children

Guest post by Alicia Wieser with The Parenting Journal

We know reading with our children is critical, but did you know that there are specific ways to read with your child that improve your child’s future academic skills? A new study shows that a specific type of reading – explicitly “quality reading” – leads children to have better reading skills and literacy skills in kindergarten than those children who do not engage in this “quality reading.”

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Kimberly Palsson and her family of four continue their journey exploring Europe and bonding as a family. This week, they explore the south of France.

After bustling Paris, we spend a week in the countryside just a few hours south of Paris. We stay in a stone home over 300 years old in a tiny town in Loire Valley.

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