activities with kids

Kids are amazing and have the most amazing ideas, so at HOMER we thought it would be fun to tap into their imagination and create some amazing content for kids.

Last week, our friends at Kidpass joined us at The Tribeca Craft Studio to help as some amazing kids got creative. Our team of HOMER kiddos rolled up their sleeves and got to work by letting their imaginations run free. The result? Wild, wacky, and outside-of-the-box ideas that helped us create a new Make Your Own Story activity! Keep reading to find out more.

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What are Sight Words?

What’s the most common word in the English language?  It’s the. Imagine if every time you saw this word, you had to stop and figure out what it was. It would make reading even the simplest text very slow and painful. Being able to read the at first sight makes things a lot easier: no sounding out, no trying to remember. You recognize it just like your own name. Sight words are words like the. These words occur so frequently that readers, including very young readers, need to know them instantly.  

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