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Homer, the #1 Learn-to-Read Program, offers hundreds of printables for children who are learning to read or who are working to build advanced knowledge. Our practice sheets are perfect for when screen time is over. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best printables to use for beginning readers. These sheets work directly with Level 1 in our Learn to Read section within the program. 

1. Traceable Letters
Help your child work on his or her fine motor skills!

2. Problem Solving
Encourage your little learner to use critical thinking.

3. Sound Recognition
Let your child practice sounds of letters.

4. Letter Recognition
Your child will learn to sight words (and use his or her creativity!)

5. Free Writing
Boost your child’s confidence by allowing him or her to write from the imagination

You can find all of these printables (and more) here: http://bit.ly/2cP1F9o

For more printables, become a member today! 

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We are so excited to announce that Learn With Homer has an opportunity to be featured on a panel at SXSWedu 2017 – but we need YOUR VOTE!

The panel discussion is on: Can the iPad Solve the Literacy Crisis?

With speakers:

  • Stephanie Dua, Learn With Homer’s founder & CEO

  • Dr. Susan B. Neuman, former US assistant secretary of Education

  • Michael Levine, founding executive director of Sesame Workshop

  • Lisa Guernsey, director of the Early Education Initiative and the Learning Technologies Project in the Education Policy Program at New America.

The panel will discuss findings of literacy education through technology and engage the audience in a discussion of literacy apps and how to improve their use.

In order for us to have this important discussion, we need wonderful Learn With Homer friends and families (like yours) to cast a vote. To do so, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Panel Picker account by clicking here

  2. Find Homer’s application page here

  3. Give Homer a “thumbs up” to vote!

  4. Add a comment if you wish

Voting ends September 2, 2016. Thank you so much!

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Our new Back-to-School section is full of learning opportunities about amazing animals and U.S. Presidents.

Your little one will also learn about starting school and having friends.

This new update is the perfect way to get children excited and ready to return to the classroom.

Get ready to go Back-To-School!

  • Learn about mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles – including the blue whale, the giant squid, and the most enormous of enormous dinosaurs!
  • Read playful stories about friendship fun and getting rid of back-to-school jitters.
  • Visit the White House, take a tour of the Oval Office, and get a sneak peak into the White House kitchen!
  • Meet presidential pets! Hear history come to life with moos and barks!
  • Discover amazing facts about giraffes and learn new vocabulary words like “prey,” “predator,” and “invertebrate.”
  • Sing along with Homer and friends to terrific tunes like “A is for Alphabet!”
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What is kindergarten readiness and why is it so important? According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students enter kindergarten at different skills levels, which is natural given that children come from a variety of early childhood experiences, ranging from highly-skilled-focused pre-K programs, play-based preschools, Head Start, or no preschool at all. An average kindergarten class may have children with a five-year skill range in terms of reading ability, from children who don’t recognize letters or letter sounds to those who can read short books. This makes the kindergarten teacher’s job particularly challenging.


Homer, the #1 Learn-to-Read app, is offering tips to help parents and students be better prepared for the start of kindergarten.

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The transition to kindergarten can be a tough one for both children and their parents. To make the transition as easy and fun as possible, you want to make sure your child is prepared! Your teacher will probably provide a list of necessary school supplies, but in case you’d like a head-start, here’s a list of the must-have items for any incoming kindergartener!

1. Backpack

It may go without saying, but your child needs something to hold all of their supplies in! In addition, having a cool backpack can help your child feel confident and excited to begin this new experience. They may want a backpack with their favorite color, television character, or more! Check out these bags from Amazon for a starting point.

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