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Make a Gratitude Turkey in Time for Thanksgiving

During this season of thanks and giving back, we’re challenging ourselves (and you!) to take a minute to really appreciate all the good things we have in our lives. We are especially grateful for the kids and families who are learning to read with HOMER!

Join our #gratitudechallenge and help your child share what they’re grateful for. They’ll learn the power of gratitude, build their writing skills along the way, and maybe even win a Parker Bear!

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Your child has mastered the alphabet; they can name the letters, they know the order of the letters, and they know the sounds that each letter represents.  So, what’s next? Are they ready to start sounding out words? The answer is: maybe! Sounding out is the process of blending sounds into words. We use this process whenever we encounter a word we aren’t familiar with. Since it is second nature for us, it seems like this process of blending sounds to make words should be simple for kids who know the alphabet. But this process actually involves specific skills that go beyond knowing the alphabet. Keep reading to see if your child is ready to start sounding out words.

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Developing social skills is a big part of your toddler’s development, and playdates can be a fun way to help your child connect with other kids their age. 

However, playdates don’t have to be just for the little ones; if you have a toddler, playdates can also help you connect with other parents. The parents who become your go-tos for playdates also become your go-tos when it comes to sharing stories, experience, support, and advice (not to mention that as your kids get old enough to do drop-off playdates, you’ll get extra free time on your hands)!

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