Developing social skills is a big part of your toddler’s development, and playdates can be a fun way to help your child connect with other kids their age. 

However, playdates don’t have to be just for the little ones; if you have a toddler, playdates can also help you connect with other parents. The parents who become your go-tos for playdates also become your go-tos when it comes to sharing stories, experience, support, and advice (not to mention that as your kids get old enough to do drop-off playdates, you’ll get extra free time on your hands)!

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We’re excited to share HOMER Reading’s new look! Why? It’s all because of you!

You, and other HOMER families just like yours, helped us take HOMER Reading’s proven learn-to-read program and make it even better! We didn’t just update the design — we took your feedback, made some changes, tested it with kids, and made some more changes again. Then we repeated that process all over again. Keep reading to see what you inspired!

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