And the skill of the week is…. Storytelling! 

This week we’re diving into storytelling! Storytelling helps kids understand and process information. It improves their imagination and communication skills. Being able to tell a story also helps build kids’ social-emotional skills. As they create characters and put them in new situations, they’ll practice looking at situations from different perspectives.

Below are some tips for implementing storytelling skills into your child’s learning routine this week! 

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And the skill of the week is… Art! 

For this week’s skills adventure, we’re exploring art! Art is a great way for kids to express themselves creatively. It also helps develop motor skills and accelerates brain development!

Art doesn’t just mean messy (and ridiculously fun) piles of Elmer’s glue and sequins. There are lots of ways to incorporate art into your child’s day, adding creativity to routine tasks and a little flare to focused learning time. 

Check out tips for implementing art into your child’s learning routine below! 

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And the skill of the week is…. Listening! 

This week we’re diving into listening! It’s never too early to teach kids to be active listeners. As they take in, process, and respond to information, they’re making connections with the world around them and the people in it! Listening improves language skills and makes kids better equipped to engage socially. Fostering these skills also helps kids follow directions, keeping them safe and making life easier for you (and their teachers!) 

Keep reading for some tips for implementing listening skills into your child’s learning routine this week!

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Our COO Stefan’s daughter Lillian decided to share her expert kid perspective on flexible scheduling as she took over the “Ask the Experts” Facebook Live Series. It may be April Fools, but Lillian is a kid expert every other day, too. She’s here to help out HOMER kids with tips and tricks to manage their parents during these long days of learning at home. Keep reading for a transcription of our live stream and to check out her flexible schedule!

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