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Have you planted your garden yet? Since I’ve been thinking about how to make sure my own vegetables grow (my peppers did well, but the kale not so much) and create unique activities to bond with my daughter, I reached out to Susannah Fotopulos, a mother of two, who started Plant the Seed, a Nashville nonprofit focused on helping young children learn about food, healthy living, and gardening. She and Garden Expert Josh Corlew impress me with their initiatives to get kids learning and growing through gardening. They not only teach kids about techniques, but they also challenge them on a social and emotional level, too. They happily passed along the following tips.

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HOMER Co-Founder Stephanie Dua with her daughter.

It’s February. Love is in the air. There are also a lot of spitballs flying in our national conversation. This Valentine’s Day, we could all use a dose of some good old-fashioned kindness.

As moms (we’ve got six kiddos between us), and founders of HOMER, the digital learn-to-read program that partners with parents to teach young children to read, we’ve been thinking a lot this season about books and activities that teach kids the importance of kindness, tolerance, empathy and understanding.

Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect holiday for spotlighting kindness and teaching our kids that even the smallest acts of generosity can have an outsized impact on the world.

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