Parent Tips

It’s parent-teacher conference time! For many parents, the pressure is on. Your child has been in school for a few months now. How are they stacking up? You’ve seen the insta-videos of proud moms sharing shots of kids reading fluently at age 5, winning the advanced spelling bee, or reading every sight word known to man. It’s tough not to feel a touch of anxiety as we take our seats in those tiny chairs and prepare to hear how our kids are progressing as readers (and friends, and citizens, etc. etc. etc.)

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1. A child’s brain is not wired to read.

Ever find yourself worried that your child is not “naturally” learning to read in the way she learned to walk and talk? Well don’t! The literacy experts at HOMER want to ease your mind.

Walking and talking are developmental milestones in a child’s life. So is reading. But reading doesn’t just “happen.” And the human brain is naturally wired to talk, but not read. For most children, reading requires direct instruction, repeated exposure to letter sounds, practice and immersion in books kids love. 

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