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Q&A with Peggy Kaye, HOMER’s Chief Curriculum Officer

Children who love books and stories before they are readers are very likely to love reading.  Children who get lost in stories they hear, who imagine characters and feel for the problems characters face, are likely to also get lost in stories as they start reading. Being swept away to other worlds as you listen to stories is the path to being swept away to other words as you read for yourself.

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It’s that time of year again – when kids trade in swimsuits for backpacks, and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils fill the air. New school years comes with new beginnings…and new emotions, often with a mix of anxiousness, excitement, and anticipation around every detail – even the first day outfit!

Your child’s unique personality is reflected in their style, and it’s important for children to take ownership of what they wear, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them out of the house in shorts on a chilly day.

Here’s how you can navigate the wardrobe woes to foster self expression while also being school and weather appropriate:

Let Them Choose

Little ones can feel less in control when everything is decided for them. Instead of giving your 3- or 4-year-old free reign of the closet, pre-select two appropriate outfits. Then, let your child choose between them. And if your budding fashion designer mixes styles from the outfits, so be it. A mismatched look isn’t the end of the world!

Then Choose Your Battles

What if your child wants to wear a dress…Every. Single. Day? If you’re concerned about cooler weather, warm tights and layered cardigans will do the trick. And if you’re worried about comfort, choose soft fabrics and breathable knits.

And Always Accessorize

Let personalities shine through the details. For kids who love jewelry, try beaded bracelets or an engraved necklace. Hairstyles, headbands, and even a streak of vibrant hair color are easy ways for kids to personalize their look. And unexpected touches, like bold patterned socks, can really make them smile 😄

KIDBOX makes it easy, fun, and affordable to shop for children’s clothes. Every season you’ll get a box of clothes from brands like Puma, Jessica Simpson, 7 For All Mankind, Splendid, Vintage Havana and more, specifically picked for your child’s style and delivered to your door.

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*You must keep all items in your KIDBOX order to receive the 15% discount.

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As you embark on your springtime activities, you may find yourself in the car once or twice. One of our amazing HOMER moms, Crissy Goldman, from Ventura, California, shares a springtime game that would be perfect to play en route to outdoor play places and anywhere in-between. The great news about this game is that you can refer to topics your child learns about in HOMER’s Discover the World section.   

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As March begins, teachers and parents across the country are bracing for another season of test prep in their public schools. Even kindergarten teachers feel pressure to show gains on early literacy assessments that prove their students are making progress on critical reading and math skills.

We spent a significant part of our careers in the New York City Department of Education and understand the importance of measuring student progress. As the creators of HOMER, we’re also passionate about keeping a child’s love of reading alive and well.

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