Parent Tips

A child with adults sharing a bedtime ritual

What Are Family Rituals?

Family rituals can be anything you do regularly as a family. Rituals can help start or end the day, transition from one activity to the next, or provide a moment to reflect. 

What’s the difference between a ritual and a routine? A routine is what you do, and a ritual is how you do it! Your daily routine might include waking up at 7 am, but your ritual is a morning stretch or a silly saying. Whether it’s funny, sweet, or serious – the key is to make it consistent; repetition makes your child’s connection to family rituals stronger.

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A little girl is enjoying her healthy Yumble meal

Kids are always learning, exploring, and creating, and that means they are using up a lot of energy! As parents, we know that giving kids healthy, nutritious meals gives them the fuel they need. But if you have a picky eater on your hands, what do you do? Our friends over at Yumble are dedicated to helping take mealtime stress off parents’ plates. Keep reading for their tips on how to get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy healthy foods throughout the day! 

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