Amazing Kids Creating Amazing Things!

We know kids are amazing and have the most amazing ideas, so we wanted to tap into that imagination to create amazing content for kids, by kids.

Our friends at Kidpass joined us at The Tribeca Craft Studio to watch the exciting creation process unfold. Our team of kiddos rolled up their sleeves and shared their creative, outside-the-box ideas to help us create a new ice-cream store full of imaginative and amazing characters!

We kicked things off with a very serious brainstorming session with HOMER’s panel of fun experts to come up with the next “Make Your Own Story” activity in the HOMER App. If you don’t already know, we have a section in our HOMER Reading app called “Make Your Own Story” where kids place pictures of characters and props onto a background scene to tell a story. This makes storytelling accessible for young children even as they are just beginning to learn to read.

“Even if they’re not saying any words out loud, internally, they’re deciding what a character is going to do and they’re doing it while having a tremendous amount of fun.”

-Peggy,  Chief Curriculum Officer at HOMER.

These amazing kids helped us create a magical ice cream shop with all new characters to manage the shop and customers to visit it. Peggy, helped guide the team’s creativity and Chris Gelles, our Senior Director of Art & Media Production, brought the kids ideas to life.

Want to see their amazing and inspiring ideas? Check out the cool footage we captured right here:

..And don’t worry, that was just the beginning. NOW it’s YOUR TURN!

We need kids everywhere to get involved, so we can continue building this ice cream shop in our HOMER Reading app. Can your kiddo could come up with HOMER’s new, craziest ice cream flavor before it opens on April 20th?

Follow @learnwithhomer on Instagram to learn more about how you and your little ones can get involved. Their ideas could be selected and brought to life in the HOMER Reading app!

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