Setting up a Flexible Schedule for Parents Who Just Won’t Stop!

Our COO Stefan’s daughter Lillian decided to share her expert kid perspective on flexible scheduling as she took over the “Ask the Experts” Facebook Live Series. It may be April Fools, but Lillian is a kid expert every other day, too. She’s here to help out HOMER kids with tips and tricks to manage their parents during these long days of learning at home. Keep reading for a transcription of our live stream and to check out her flexible schedule!

You’ve been hearing from HOMER’s learning experts… but I thought it’s time for you to hear from one of HOMER’s real experts – me!  I’m Lillian Palsson, and I’m the VP of Kid’s Fun and Parent Control here at HOMER. 

Kids – I know this time is hard – you’re at home, trying to get on with life, and your parents are always hovering – trying to help you learn! Don’t they know we have better things to do?! Keep reading for my ideas on how you can keep yourself and your parents occupied while you’re at home.

This schedule is made up of flexible activity blocks. You can pick and choose as you see fit for that day. If you’re having a day when you want to be loud, go for it! If you’re having a day when you want to be messy…feel free to incorporate that into this schedule!

Morning Time (as long as possible)

  • First, I make my own schedules with accompanying checklists.  I am like my mama. I do love making a schedule and a checklist so that I can check things off!
  • Start by slowly doing… nothing! Brushing teeth and getting ready is not needed, we aren’t at school after all.*

* There’s some debate about this. Luckily, I’m an excellent negotiator… it gets my mama and papa ready for a day of business speaking! I drive a hard bargain and I expect returns!

Parent Yoga (10 to 25 min)

  • Grab your parents by the leg and act as heavy as you can while not really getting dressed,
  • While your parents are typing on their computer and feeding your younger siblings, ask them to set up your computer.
  • Good posture when doing school work on your computer is important.  I do work on one foot, or two feet on the deck looking over the top, or sometimes sitting.

Bother Parents during Meetings (as long as necessary)

  • As soon as a parent gets on a call with someone, ask them all the questions you have saved up.
  • Carefully work your way into the frame of the camera shot.
  • If you are below 3 years of age, yell the entire time- as a vocal warmup exercise.
  • Do some deal-making. For example, every time my papa says “ but will this scale?” I get a cookie. Every time he says “can we take a step back,” I get to hit him.

Free Play (60 min)

  • Wet willie your little brother and run. Repeat.

Art time (60 min or more)

  • Take your parent’s phone and take super cool photos of random things.
  • Draw, draw, draw. I like to draw with my papa (he thinks he is an artist.)

Focused learning (keep it as short as possible)

  • I would recommend first getting your own room, I just moved into my new room with no brothers and it’s fantastic.
  • Look at all your assignments from your awesome teacher.  My teacher is Ms. Jones and she is fantastic. She takes care of my class and she finds time to work with me every day.
  • Do at least one lesson and leave the room quickly and stressed… and run to your parents… and tell them you worked so fast and everything is done and turned in. Just kidding, mama and papa and everyone reading this! You do all your work.

Business Classes (5 min)

  • Barter Pokémon cards with your little brother or sister (if you have them).
  • Offer to do a Facebook live class at your papa’s company so that you can buy Harry Potter 7 part 2 tonight for a quarantine movie fiesta. 
  • Make a deal with one of your parents. For example, I earn $1 every time I tell mama that my papa didn’t shut the cabinet when he takes a glass out.

Little brother fine motor skills (always)

I have a little brother who is 2, and he is a lot. Here are some tips from him:

  • Let your parents read a book and then rip a page out when they are not looking.
  • Wake up early and pull your parent’s covers off.
  • Tip from me- make sure your parents remember that he did this, this means everything and nothing.
  • My little brother loves HOMER most of all, his favorite things now are drawing the letter H, getting Millie across the asteroids, and all the stories with Princess Skateboarder.

Snuggle Time (for as long as I need)

  • I like to save this for last. Having my parents at home is hard on me. I need time to decompress and I love snuggling with my papa and FaceTiming my grandparents or sneaking some dance time with my brothers.

Ok, that’s it from me, kids. If you have any fun ideas for keeping track of your parents, tag us on Instagram @learnwithhomer and use the #homerathome and #kidpoweredlearning!