HOMER Reading Has a Brand New Look!

We’re excited to share HOMER Reading’s new look! Why? It’s all because of you!

You, and other HOMER families just like yours, helped us take HOMER Reading’s proven learn-to-read program and make it even better! We didn’t just update the design — we took your feedback, made some changes, tested it with kids, and made some more changes again. Then we repeated that process all over again. Keep reading to see what you inspired!


  • A fresh focus on learning: We made it easier for kids to find and stick to their learning plan! Now they can enter their learning path with just one click!
  • Enhanced independence: We made it easier for kids to navigate HOMER Reading on their own. They can stay on their learning plan, or choose from our wide range of fun and engaging learning activities.
  • A one-stop space for play and practice: We re-organized all of our educational content, including creative activities, learn-to-read lessons, and playful videos, into a dedicated practice section that kids can easily navigate.


A Space for Play and Practice
We still have lots of fun learning games and activities to support your child’s learning, but now you’ll find them in this Practice menu!

Create: Kids who click on this icon are about to get creative — they’ll draw, paint, use colorful stamps and stickers, and make up their own stories!

Stories: This category helps kids fall in love with reading — it’s a library of fiction and non-fiction stories that’s personalized to their child’s age and reading stage.

Games: This is one of our most popular categories! It gives kids access to fun and educational games that support the lessons they are learning on their learning path.

Letters: This category helps kids practice their letters and letter sounds they are learning on their learning plan.

First Readers: This category is just for kids in the Early Reader and Growing Reader stages. When they click here, they’ll find the stories we introduced on their learning path.

Sight Words: This category is all about sight words — in this section kids can practice reading and recognizing common, but often difficult to sound out, words.

Practice: This category is to give kids in the Early Reader and Growing Reader stages a chance to practice or replay their favorite lessons from their pathway whenever they want.


With this new version of HOMER Reading, we added another step of personalization; we are now offering kids content that not only matches their reading stage and interests, but also their age! By doing this, we ensure that kids are getting content that is appropriate for the development stage.

Kids in Toddler, Preschool, and PreK reading stages need the structured sequence of lessons that they find on their learning path, so we have removed the Learn to Read menu entirely. Once a child is ready for the Early Reader stage, they might want to practice or replay some of their favorite lessons, so we encourage that with the Practice Category! If your child was in the Pre-K stage, and was using the Learn To Read menu confidently, they might be reading for the Early Reader Stage. You can change easily change your child’s reading stage by going to the Grown Ups menu and editing your child’s profile settings.

If you have any questions about the new main menu, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Member Experience team at support@homerapp.com. They’re always happy to help!

We hope you enjoy the new HOMER Reading! If you haven’t yet, go to the App Store and update the app now!

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