My child wants me to read the same story every night. Is that OK?

It is not just OK that a child wants to hear the same story repeatedly, it’s terrific! It might be a bit tedious for you, but it is extremely beneficial for your child. 

Parent Tip:

Wanting to hear a story over and over again means that the characters and the storyline have meaning and actually matter to your child. It means that your child understands the story and with each reading is finding more pleasure in that understanding. It also means that your child is learning to get “lost” in the book. Your child might even begin memorizing the words he or she hears and engage in pretend reading by turning the pages and saying the words independently. This is a wonderful pre-reading step into reading — it means that this special book has become a friend, a source of repeated pleasure and delight, and that is precisely how we want children to feel about books and reading!