Amazing Kids Creating Amazing Things!

Kids are amazing and have the most amazing ideas, so at HOMER we thought it would be fun to tap into their imagination and create some amazing content for kids.

Last week, our friends at Kidpass joined us at The Tribeca Craft Studio to help as some amazing kids got creative. Our team of HOMER kiddos rolled up their sleeves and got to work by letting their imaginations run free. The result? Wild, wacky, and outside-of-the-box ideas that helped us create a new Make Your Own Story activity! Keep reading to find out more.

HOMER’s Make Your Own Story activities are a kid-favorite because the activity lets kids flex their storytelling muscles. During the Make Your Own Story, kids place fun characters and props on a special background and use their imaginations to build a narrative. We love it because we know that storytelling skills help kids with reading comprehension.

“Even if they’re not saying any words out loud, internally, they’re deciding what a character is going to do and they’re doing it while having a tremendous amount of fun.”

-Peggy, Senior Director of Learning and Curriculum Design

Our day of content creation started with a brainstorming session. HOMER kids (i.e. our panel of fun experts) helped us create a magical ice cream shop and dreamed up amazing characters to fill it. Peggy, our Senior Director of Learning and Curriculum Design, helped guide the team’s creativity and Chris Gelles, our Senior Director of Art & Media Production, brought the kids’ ideas to life.

Want to see their amazing and inspiring ideas? Get a behind-the-scenes look at what they created right here!

You can go on your own Ice Cream Adventure or play with other Make Your Own Story activities today by downloading HOMER Reading! Simply go to the Practice Menu and click on Create and watch as your child starts to tell the most amazing stories.