HOMER HIGHLIGHTS: Meet Kristin, Director of Member Experience


From animators to content creators, and graphic designers to finance managers, there are so many passionate people bringing #kidpoweredlearning to life here at HOMER. In this new series, we’ll introduce you to the team, one by one.

Next up: Kristin Mendez, the awesome person behind all of our marketing emails.

What do you do at HOMER?
I’m the Director of Retention Marketing & Member Experience at HOMER. It’s my job to listen to our members to better understand how we can improve the product and make every interaction with HOMER a delightful one.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love helping people and making them feel ?about HOMER. I remember that we had a member write to us whose son had cancer and had fallen behind in his reading. We ended up gifting them a year of HOMER, sending over a chemo kit full of items to help him cope with his treatment, and had our Chief Learning Officer, Peggy Kaye, reach out with ways to help him get back on track. That member was so touched by the personal outreach and effort we made to help her son and it demonstrated the passion that our team has in the work we do. Those are the moments that make me love my job.

What were you passionate about as a kid and how has that shaped you into the adult you are today?

When I was little, my dad and I would go to comic book conventions together (before they became the huge pop culture/cosplay events they are today). I loved reading all of these stories about heroes who overcame obstacles to rise to the occasion and do what was right to protect those in need, something that ties into what I enjoy in my work. It also gave me a chance to see powerful women who could accomplish these incredible feats, which I think has provided me with a strong sense of self and showed me that girls can do anything.

Which interests would you pick in the HOMER app?

Pets, Ocean Animals, Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Sports, Robots, and Outer Space.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
1. Cage diving with great white sharks in Australia.

2. Learn how to surf.

3.Travel to Japan and eat sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro.


What are your top 3 emojis and what does that say about you?

?? ?

It says “I love to laugh, watch the Eagles, and drink beer (I’ve had almost 2400 unique beers).”


What are the words you live by?

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

–Michael Jordan

Who is your favorite HOMER character?

My favorite character is Tutt – he’s mischievous, musical, and seems like he’d be the most fun to hang out with.

What would your band name be?

Recycled Jelly – in high school, my friends and I would always go to a diner after sleepovers and we pondered the possibility that the restaurant must take the unused jelly containers and give them to the next customer.


You’re a mommy-to-be! What’s the #1 thing you’re excited to teach your baby?

I am excited to teach her so many things: football (and why the Philadelphia Eagles are the best team ever), video games, how to bake cookies… But I guess the thing I am most excited to teach her is to just be herself and do what she loves, whatever that happens to be.

What does reading mean to you?
To me, reading unlocks possibilities. It exposes you to other worlds, to what could be. When you’re immersed in a good book, you feel like you’re living in that space and experiencing things through the eyes of those characters. I think reading allows people, especially kids, to dream big and not feel limited to their immediate surroundings.


Thanks for spreading the HOMER love across the country, Kristin!

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