How do I pick stories that my child will enjoy?

Q&A with Peggy Kaye, HOMER’s Chief Curriculum Officer

No one knows more about children’s books than librarians who work in the children’s room of a library. The librarian at your child’s school is an equally valuable resource. There are also bookstores with excellent children’s departments and very knowledgeable clerks.

Before talking to any of these people, I recommend making a list of books your child has particularly enjoyed and consider what kinds of books are the most appealing: books about kids like them, books about magical worlds, books with lots of action, books with lots of silliness. This will help you to select stories that your child will be more interested in reading.

You might consider starting a book title exchange with families of your child’s friends. If your child likes a particular book, share the title and your child’s friends’ parents and they can do the same. The more families in the book title exchange, the more books you’ll discover.