Movement Matters

Use GoNoodle for learning breaks and beyond!

In partnership with our friends at GoNoodle, we wanted to share the benefits of exercise and movement for young minds, especially as a reenergizing break after a span of learning (and before the next!).

Everyone knows that movement is good for the body, but studies have proven that movement is good for the mind as well – especially for children.  Exercise has a long list of brain-benefits including: “improved attention and memory, increased brain activity and cognitive function, and enhanced mood and ability to cope with stress” (via Edutopia).

Teachers rely on GoNoodle’s hundreds of movement and mindfulness videos to break up the day for their students with fun and purposeful content.  After a quick dance party or yoga session, students are ready to sit back down and learn with clear minds and relaxed bodies. Parents can use movement and mindfulness breaks at home as well to channel energy, manage emotions, and reinforce activity from the classroom.  Give GoNoodle a try at home for FREE – sign up for a family account on their website!

Here are some of the different types of activities GoNoodle has to offer:


Perfect for an energy burst, family dance-off, or sing-along to your favorite GoNoodle song!

JUMP! in the NTV: Noodle Television channel





Kid-friendly mindfulness videos reduce stress, settle anxiety, and boost confidence.

Melting in the FLOW channel


Learning yoga poses and stretches help empower children and get the blood flowing.

Release Your Warrior in the Empower Tools channel


Movement videos are focused on fine and gross motor skills, cross-lateral movement, coordination, and balance.

Full Speed in the Fresh Start channel

Try these breaks and others at home with a FREE GoNoodle account!