Alphabet Games for Springtime Car Rides

As you embark on your springtime activities, you may find yourself in the car once or twice. One of our amazing HOMER moms, Crissy Goldman, from Ventura, California, shares a springtime game that would be perfect to play en route to outdoor play places and anywhere in-between. The great news about this game is that you can refer to topics your child learns about in HOMER’s Discover the World section.   

Springtime for our family means spending more time outdoors, exploring nature and enjoying the sunshine!  We love getting to the beach to climb rocks and run in the sand.  We love walking through the forest and collecting bugs and flowers. Luckily, we live in an area abundant with these types of surroundings, but it still means a lot of time spent in the car getting around to these places.

Because spending a lot of time in the car isn’t always a favorite pastime for my 3 year old son, I’ve gotten creative about playing some games together enroute to our adventures.  One game we like to play is something we call the “Alphabet Game.”  We pick a topic, usually Dinosaurs for us, but it can be any topic you like –  animals, places, colours, foods…. and we go through the alphabet from A to Z allowing him to name one dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet.  I love hearing my son in the back seat making the sounds of each letter and coming up with a Dinosaur for each one.  It’s a great way to practice the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes.  One round of the “Alphabet Game” will keep him entertained all the way to our destination.  He asks to play this one again and again!

I encourage you to give it a go with your child enroute to your next favorite Spring time destination! -Crissy Goldman