A Whole Day of Thanks

We love the holidays! Not only do they offer us a chance to take time out from the hustle and bustle of school and parenting routines, but they also give us a chance to pause, take a deep breath, and give thanks for real quality time together.

As we kick off the holiday season, the Homer team has put together a special Day of Thanks Toolkit for you and your family. We’ve combined the perfect amount of reading time, learning fun, and creative activities to deepen learning while focusing on gratitude.

Ready? Here we go!

Begin Your Day of Thanks by Reading
First, check out this week’s Saturday Surprise. Gratitude is a delightful new story (set to dance-worthy music) about a boy whose thankfulness for his dog, his librarian – just about everything around him – is infectious!! Plus, word-highlighting reinforces reading skills in the midst of the fun.

Head on over to our power word story, Family. Homer’s power word stories feature single words (like family, toy, mom, dad, cake) that show up in a child’s world countless times a day. By hearing (or reading) a story about a single word, kids learn to recognize the word. Read the story together. Talk about what makes your family unique.

Cook Up Breakfast
If you’re lucky, you can plan your Day of Thanks on a weekend or weekday when you have some time to cook up a big breakfast. Have your child help you make it, and while you’re cooking, talk about all of the foods that you’re thankful for. Ask her which ones make our bodies strong and which ones are simply delicious?

Play Sight Word Tic Tac Toe and Read About Tutt’s Thanksgiving
After cleaning up breakfast, bring on the games! Print out our handy Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe printable with a special Thanksgiving story. Have your child color in the story and continue your thankful discussion.

Create a Thankful Turkey Craft
By now, you and your child have likely come up with a multitude of ideas for what you both are most thankful for. It’s time to start writing them down. Download and print out our Homer Turkey printable and add your own unique feathers. If you finish it before Nov. 17, enter our Gratitude Challenge and inspire others to do the same!

Say Thanks to Someone Special
It’s always nice to reflect on who and what are important in our lives. Take a moment and ask your child about the special someone she was thankful for in previous conversations throughout the day. Provide a note or card, and if that special someone just happens to be a Veteran, try this printable. If she can’t yet write, have her dictate what she wants the card to say and then watch you write it down.

Read, Listen, and Reflect
Grab your own adult book and encourage your child to grab hers. She’ll see reading as something to look forward to, just like her mommy (or daddy). To continue the gratitude theme, try listening to this video featuring Shawn Anchor’s TED Talk focusing on how organizations, families, schools, businesses, and people perform better when they harness the power of gratitude and positive thinking.

Have a great Day of Thanks and let us know about your special day by tagging #learnwithhomer and #oneofakidreading on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to share your story and inspire others to incorporate a thankful spirit and special learning moments with their children.