Back to School Tips for Using Homer in the Classroom

Go back to school with confidence and enthusiasm, and with a good strategy on how to use Homer in your classroom! Early childhood teachers know that starting the school year off with a routine is crucial for a successful school year. Homer is here to help. Our #1 Learn to Read Program offers several components that can easily be integrated into your daily routine.

  1. Songs and Rhymes: Songs and rhymes are such an important element in early childhood classrooms. Exposure to songs and rhymes early in life actually helps children master foundational reading skills. We offer numerous songs and rhymes including traditional ones like ‘Jenny Jenkins’ and  ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ and also Homer original ones like ‘Pantone Colors’ and ‘Good Morning’ found in the StoryTime section. Incorporate these into morning meeting, circle time, whole class learning, or brain break time.
  2. Discover the World:  This section offers nonfiction content. With hundreds of stories relating to all sorts of world wonders, your kids will get exposure to anything from Presidential history to learning about Ancient Egypt. There are also several selections that cover back to school, science and health information. These selections can be used in literacy centers, small group instruction, or whole group instruction. Don’t forget to print out the printables related to key sections. Our favorites include U.S. Presidents and Larger than Life. 
  3. Learn to Read: This section, developed by our learning experts, is ideal for literacy centers or for when you are working one-on-one with a student. In this section, students have an individual pathway where they explore and master a variety of phonics activities. The positive language has been a huge motivator!
  4. StoryTime: The StoryTime section also has hundreds of books that you and your students can explore and utilize during the school year. Again, there are several selections that can be used in your back to school units. Homer offers stories that focus on kindness, friendship, and school. Read ‘Robot’s First Day of School’ for a back to school story to address the feelings involved with the first few weeks. Original selections such as ‘Nip’s Big Heart’ and ‘Homer’s Hiccups’ are also ideal for tapping into important social emotional skills.
  5. First Readers: The leveled readers in this section can be used in literacy centers, small group instruction, circle time, and whole group instruction. Children are encouraged to not only read the selections, but record their voice as they read it and practice the sounds of what they are reading. Not only do they gain confidence in reading, but they love hearing themselves and progressing forward with their achievements.

Need to set up Homer for your classroom? Read more information on starting a FREE teacher account for the 2017-18 school year.