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Homer isn’t just about serving the families who subscribe to our product, we have a double bottom line. We want to better the whole. And, like any mother will tell you, it takes a village to raise a child. We have a product we sell to families for unlimited access to the Homer method for reading instruction, but we also have a commitment to reach kids whose families are not in a position to pay for a subscription service. So we grant Homer to schools, libraries, nonprofits, hospitals, and the military 100% free of charge.

This summer, for the second year, Homer is proud to partner with Horizons National Summer Enrichment Program, a network of community-centered academic summer programs that puts students of varying abilities, coming from low-income households who wouldn’t be able to afford the program without assistance, on a path to success. Their mission is to close the achievement gap by providing these children access to high-quality academics in an engaging summer course.


It is well-documented that children who are not engaged over the summer months lose focus, many of them having issues retaining what they learned over the previous year if they aren’t reinforcing their learnings over the summer months. Students who aren’t able to pay for enrichment tend to fall further behind in reading and math during the summer months, while their more economically advantaged peers keep pace or even jump ahead. This phenomenon, known as the ‘summer slide,’ really puts students who don’t have access to special programs at a disadvantage and has become one of the most urgent educational needs in the US.

Summer learning loss leaves students as much as three years behind their higher income peers by the time they reach fifth grade. In contrast, Horizons students gain an average of two to three months in reading and math skills during the six-week summer program, keeping them at grade level or above.


We are so proud to partner with Horizons National and do our part to make an impact on these communities. We also appreciate all of you who make an effort to volunteer, read, teach, be that ‘other’ mom or aunt to the kid next door and shephard them on the right path. We’re all in this together and we want to hear how you’re impacting a life this summer.


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