Somebunny Loves You Craft


We’re in the full swing of Spring and Easter is coming up this weekend. What better way to celebrate than by crafting with your little ones? Our “Somebunny Loves You Craft” makes a great homemade gift for family or a decoration for the home. Jessica from the Homer team made it over the weekend with her little ones!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• Pink Paint

• Paint Brush 

• White, Blue, and Orange Cardstock – you can use glittery cardstock for a special effect!

Your child’s feet!

• Sharpie Markers

• Scissors

• Your child’s feet


1. Take out a couple of pieces of white cardstock. To keep your house paint-free, have your child sit on a chair outside or skip step 2 and simply trace their feet.

2. Use the paint brush to slather on the pink paint on one foot. Hold it steady and make an imprint on the cardstock. Then, repeat with the other foot.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the blue cardstock. If you have more than one child, do the same with the younger child.

4. Cut out two large circles and some little bubble paws from the white and blue cardstock.

5. Cut the bottom quarter of an orange piece of cardstock. Round the edges with scissors to soften them, and use the white cardstock to write out bubble letters for the text. You can also write with the Sharpie directly on the orange paper.

6. Cut both sets of footprints out, allowing for a white .25in rim around each footprint.

7. Glue everything together, then add facial expressions and any other finishing touches with the Sharpie.

Try it out and send your artistry to jessica (at) homerlearning (dot) com by Tuesday, April 18 and you and your little one will win a prize from the Homer crew.