Join our St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet Scavenger Hunt


Back by popular demand: we’re moving on to a new letter with Homer’s Alphabet Scavenger hunt. Join us as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and help your child find things that begin with the letter P! Here’s how to play:

• Print out this big letter P (as in Patrick!)

• Color, and decorate with shamrocks, clovers, and other sparkly green items.

• Find an object around the house or outside that starts with the letter P.

• Have your child hold the letter P up next to the object they’ve chosen.

• Take a photo of your child’s creative choice.

Share the photo on your Facebook or Instagram page by tagging @learnwithhomer and #HomerAlphabet. Email a screenshot of your post to and your child’s name and mailing address. Each participant will get a sticker.

The most creative entry will receive a $50 gift card to Seedling, one of our favorite toy companies whose mission is to “Grow Creative Kids.” We’ll announce the winners on Tuesday, March 21.