Online Homeschooling: Not All Programs Are Created Equal


by Peggy Kaye, Director of Learning, Homer

Why Homer has become a part of so many homeschooling routines. 

“I’m a homeschool mom of four kids between 3 and 6. I am such a HUGE FAN of Homer. Honestly, Homer is BY FAR the best thing we do every day. My kids will repeat facts they learned so frequently, we almost laugh about it because they seem to know more than we do about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson! It is so much better than any other program we’ve found. Homer is 30 minutes of our homeschool curriculum every day! It is so good!” —Wendi

Homeschool parents know better than most that all early learning programs are not created equal. Homeschool families care about the quality, value and effectiveness of the learning resources they purchase. That’s why so many homeschool parents are choosing Learn with Homer’s curriculum for their children ages 3 to 8.

Learn with Homer’s Homeschool Learning Program brings the benefits of a classroom curriculum designed by literacy experts straight to your living room. Our program is based on Harvard and Stanford Research, and most importantly, it actually works.

Dr. Susan Neuman, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education and Professor of Early Childhood and Literacy Education at New York University, recently conducted a blind, randomized study using Learn with Homer’s Learn to Read program in 7 preschool classrooms. The results showed that children who used Homer for just 15 minutes per day over a 6 week period nearly doubled scores on tests of phonological awareness, phonics and print knowledge skills.

Learn with Homer’s program offers homeschool families a comprehensive curriculum that provides the solid foundations of the best pre-k and Kindergarten classrooms:

  • Harvard and Stanford research-based reading curriculum
  • Over 1000 learning activities in Reading, Science, Social Studies, Art, History and Music
  • A full online preschool, pre-k and Kindergarten curriculum
  • A step-by-step lesson path that helps children begin learning in the right place and build on what they’ve learned
  • Precise modeling of letter sounds and pronunciation
  • Hundreds of printables and book recommendations to use when screentime is up