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How to spot an I did it moment- showing a girl celebrating after she traces a number

What is an “I Did It!” Moment?

Learning is a journey, so progress is something to celebrate! An “I Did It!” Moment is a little (and sometimes big) win on the way to lifelong learning. They happen when something “clicks,” and your child can take what they’re learning and make it their own. They’re the big-smile-inducing, fist-pumping, dance-party-sparking, “we finally got there” moments that lead to a lifelong love of learning.

They give kids the confidence to ask questions, find solutions, and create their own path in the world. Kids can celebrate big moments—like counting to 100 or reading a book—and the little wins that help them get there. 


How Grown-Ups Can Help

For grown-ups, the trick to encouraging “I Did It!” Moments is learning how to spot them in the wild! “I Did It!” Moments can happen anytime and anywhere: on the playground, at the grocery store, at the dinner table, you name it! 

Our HOMER learning experts have rounded up a list of essential skill-building moments to keep an eye out for, along with tips, games, activities, and books to foster these skills and make learning fun (for both of you!) 


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50 book recommendations for curious kids on kid-favorite topics like dinosaurs

Whether your child is reading on their own or you are reading aloud with them, consider giving kids the chance to choose books. Reading for pleasure means kids will read more and feel empowered to make their own choices when learning. Reading about things they are curious about—whether it’s dinosaurs, the subway, or the imaginary worlds of fairies—can lead to engaging conversations, questions, and hypotheses about how the world works. 

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A child with adults sharing a bedtime ritual

What Are Family Rituals?

Family rituals can be anything you do regularly as a family. Rituals can help start or end the day, transition from one activity to the next, or provide a moment to reflect. 

What’s the difference between a ritual and a routine? A routine is what you do, and a ritual is how you do it! Your daily routine might include waking up at 7 am, but your ritual is a morning stretch or a silly saying. Whether it’s funny, sweet, or serious – the key is to make it consistent; repetition makes your child’s connection to family rituals stronger.

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