With the solar eclipse coming up next week (August 21st), the Homer team has planned an entire day for you and your child to experience this spectacular phenomenon! We’ve prepared snacks, reading, and crafts to encourage you and your child to learn about space and the eclipse before viewing it themselves.

Share your #SpaceDayWithHomer pic with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging @learnwithhomer! We would love to see your creations and adventures and enter you to win a super awesome out of this world prize.

Begin your #SpaceDayWithHomer by reading!

Your child’s interest in space is a great way to motivate them to read some of Homer’s space stories! You can find “Robot in Space” and “Hayley Rides Into Space” in the StoryTime section of the Homer app. These stories will help expand your child’s vocabulary when they read about Robot and Hayley’s adventures across different planets and build their knowledge about famous astronauts like Sally Ride, and new technology such as satellites.

And don’t stop with Homer. Go to the library or print off some information online about the eclipse. Draw a picture together and talk about what you would do if you went to space together. What would you have to wear? What would you see?

Create an Out of This Galaxy Snack

For a fun and creative dessert after your craft, galaxy toast is as fun to make, as it is delicious!


–       Toast or sugar cookies
–       Cream cheese
–       Melted dark chocolate
–       Food dye
–       Edible glitter and star sprinkles

Divide the cream cheese equally into separate mixing bowls. Add food dyes to get intergalactic colors! We just used purple, but experiment with all sorts of colors if you want! Next, spread your cream cheese and swirl in your melted dark chocolate to your toast or cookie. To finish this out of this world snack, top your toast with star sprinkles and edible glitter. After your creation is complete, it will be hard to resist snapping a picture! Remember to tag us @learnwithhomer so we see!

Visit your local science center

Try researching what’s happening at your local science museum and make time to visit and explore their space exhibits in person. They have tons of hands on activities ranging from astronaut suits to live demonstrations that will really wow both you and your child.

Watch the eclipse!

If you are in the eclipse path of totality and plan on watching it with your child, it is important to take safety precautions. The only safe way to view the eclipse is through special eclipse glasses or hand-held solar viewers. Do not use homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses. Here is a link from the American Astronomical Society with a list of reputable vendors of solar filters & viewers. Always supervise your child when viewing the eclipse!

And, if you’re still up for more fun, check out these fun activities from NASA.

Have a great #SpaceDayWithHomer! Don’t forget to share your day with us and be entered to win our Special Space Prize!

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