Introducing the New Homer

Your child is unique. He likes bugs, bats, space, and astronauts. He’s innately curious about the world and learns at his own pace. Put that just-right sprinkle of fun with lessons, mix it up with his specific interests, and he’s motivated to learn.

We’ve taken the best science on how kids learn to read and what motivates them and built the groundbreaking Homer Method.

Here’s how it works. You tell us about your child. What does he love? What reading skills has he learned? What excites him?

We’ll craft a personalized pathway that grows with your child, changing with their passions and teaching them to read, step-by-step, through thousands of stories, lessons and learning games. All at the tap of a finger! So you can be confident that your child is getting the right balance of skills and fun to get them learning to read and loving it.

Here’s what’s new in Homer:

  1. 2 Ways to Play: In addition to the new personalized learning pathway, kids can explore their favorite lessons, stories, and songs through the menu buttons on the bottom of the home screen.
  2. 100s of New Learn to Read Lessons & Games: Helping kids to build critical literacy skills, like learning how to write letters, creating their own story, building their muscle memory, and discovering sight words.
  3. More Content for Younger & Older Children: Brand new stories and songs specifically designed to build pre-literacy skills in toddlers and engage older kids to continue to learn the phonemic and other literacy skills needed to become a proficient reader.
  4. A Powerful Story Recommendation Engine: It takes your child’s unique interests (Trains? Superheroes? Princesses? Pets?) and recommends content based on what they love.

So come on! Join the learning adventure. You’ll be amazed at how much they’re learning. They’ll only know they’re having a blast.

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