European Roadtrip with Kids?!


With Homer, your child can explore different regions throughout the Earth in the Discover the World section. They are not only exposed to cultures throughout the world, but we hope they are intrigued to learn more and perhaps even to visit these places one day. For inspiration and perhaps just to vicariously live through them a bit, this Summer we will follow the adventures of one family who takes a massive roadtrip through Europe with their 2 and 5 year olds. 

Meet the Palssons.

Hi! We’re Stefan, Kimberly, Lillian (5) and Olaf (2). We have been living in Stockholm for the past two years and are moving back to New York City this Fall. We have said goodbye to our friends and moved out of our lovely apartment. Everything has been packed and is on a ship sailing across the Atlantic. Except our car. Our beautiful old Renault Espace, which we’ve packed to the brim with everything we think we’ll need for the next four months. Though we’ve lived in Europe for two years, there is still so much we haven’t seen. So before returning to the real world, we are setting off to explore.


We hope to discover new places and more about one another. Yes it’s cheesy, but it’s true. Our family will spend the next four months with no other objective in mind. No work. No social calendar. Just family. If we don’t kill each other, this may be the best bonding experience our family has ever had.

So here’s the plan: 125 days on the road in Europe. 7 different countries (not counting Sweden and Denmark): Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Austria. We will chronicle our journey as we go and share it with you here on Learn with Homer. If you too are traveling this summer, connect with us via #TravelWithHomer! We’d love to hear your stories and see how your children experience the world.

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